Preventative Maintenance

Downtime during irrigation season can mean crop loss and high costs. It’s also much easier to work on your equipment when the crop is harvested and the ground is dry.

21st Century Water Technologies offers several maintenance programs to meet your needs.

Pivot Maintenance

1. Drive Train Inspection

This includes pivot points, incoming power checks and drive unit checks.

2. Full Pivot Inspection

This program includes pivot point and spans, alignment checks and drive unit checks.

3. Pivot Oil Change

Along with your pivot oil change, we inspect the drive train.

4. Complete Pivot Inspection and Oil Change

This is the full package and includes a full inspection of the drive train, pivot points, incoming power, drive unit, spans, alignment, U-joints, center drives, tires and other drive train components.

Subsurface Drip Irrigation Maintenance

Rodent Protection
One method to prevent gophers from destroying equipment is to use PROTEC-T DRIPLINE MAINTENANCE, a dripline maintenance product for use with subsurface drip (SDI) systems. When properly injected into the drip irrigation system, vertebrates find Protec-T offensive.

Acid Treatment
Acidizing removes hard water residue in the PVC lines, driplines, and emitters. It is essential for keeping systems operating at peak performance in areas where irrigation water contains a high amount of bicarbonates & salts. We
recommend acidizing once every two acre feet applied or every other year, whichever comes first.

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