Why Drip Irrigation?

In the spring of 2014, 21st Century Water Technologies partnered with Eco-Drip, the pioneer in sub-surface drip irrigation (SDI).  With over 30 years of experience in engineering and installation of SDI, Eco-Drip is the ideal supplier to help us bring SDI to this region.

Drip irrigation is the practice of applying small amounts of water and fertilizer uniformly across a specific area.  The water and fertilizer are delivered directly to the crop root zone, eliminating runoff, evaporation, and drift.  A properly designed and managed drip irrigation system gives producers the best uniformity and application efficiency available, consequently saving them time, energy, and water, all while maximizing yields.

There are two main types of drip irrigation systems – surface and sub-surface.

A surface drip irrigation system uses close emitter spacing (12”-18”) and a thin wall (8-10 mil) dripline injected 1” to 6” below the surface.  These systems are often referred to as “temporary” because the dripline is retrieved and recycled yearly.  The submains can be permanent or temporary.  These systems are typically used on high value crops due to the yearly expense of new dripline and the labor for installation.

A subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) system uses 20” – 27” emitter spacing and a slightly thicker wall (13-15mil) dripline injected 8” – 14” below the surface.  These systems are permanent, making design and installation critical to ensure longevity.  SDI systems are mainly used in row crop agriculture but are making their way into some high value crops.  Eco-Drip has been committed to SDI since installing our first system in 1980.

Knowledge, Experience, Commitment, Durability, and Service

Knowledge – Eco-Drip has dedicated team members to serve growers in every aspect of drip irrigation. From design to service to management, we have it covered.  Click on expert advice to learn more.

Experience – As the pioneers of SDI, Eco-Drip has time tested experience to insure your system is designed, installed, and serviced, with longevity in mind.  With over 200,000 acres installed, no one has more field experience!!

Commitment – For 30 years, Eco-Drip has focused solely on SDI.  Everything we do is focused on giving our growers a great experience with SDI, and most importantly, a great return on their investment.

Durability – In a challenging industry, Eco-Drip has withstood the test of time.  Thanks to a committed and focused ownership team, Eco-Drip has continued to serve our growers as other competitors have come and gone.

Service – Eco-Drip has a proven history of taking care of our growers.  Nothing shows this dedication more than the recent growth of our service department to meet the demands of a growing industry.

Efficiency, Longevity, Environmentally Friendly, Flexibility

Efficiency – SDI is 15-30% more efficient.

Longevity – SDI has a proven life span of over 25 years and requires very little maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly – By applying water and nutrients below ground, we have eliminated the possibilities for nutrient runoff and water evaporation.

Flexibility – No matter the size or shape of your field, Eco-Drip can irrigate 100% of it.

What would you do with 25% more water?

Eco-Drip saves your water from evaporation and runoff. No need to over water in hopes the water gets to the roots. Know that your water is at the right place at the right time. Use the water you’ve saved from evaporation, runoff, and over spray to increase your yield.

Eco-Drip is committed to providing our producers with a superior irrigation system and all the support needed to maximize their potential.   The “Complete System” starts with a properly designed and installed subsurface drip irrigation system.  But we don’t stop there; we have management tools to provide you real time data, an agronomic department to provide fertigation solutions, and a service department for yearly maintenance and in season trouble shooting.  Eco-Drip will be there, from installation to harvest, helping you learn to utilize and manage your new system.