Screening and Filtration

Whether its pivot or sub surface drip irrigation, plugged up nozzles on center pivots or emitters on SDI will cost you. And that’s the reason we filter the water in your system.

We offer a variety of solutions and can provide custom designs to meet your specific farm needs.

In-Line Filters

We know it as a filter assembly in which the inlet, outlet and filter element axes are in a straight line. You know it as an irrigation system parts that helps keep your water clean.

Rotating Submerged Screens

A rotary screen consists of a perforated cylindrical drum which is normally elevated at an angle at the feed end.

Floating Screens

A rotating water-driven self-cleaning screen that dependably delivers good water from as little as 4 inches depth!

The ideal solution for the operation depending upon river or canal water sources for pivot irrigation systems. RIVERSCREEN is built for shallow water pumping – prevents sand problems. Low maintenance operation. Standard on all Riverscreens is #8 304 stainless steel mesh. Other sizes available upon request.

Sand Media Filtration

AGF Sand Media Filters provide reliable trouble-free operation for filtering surface or well water with sand, algae and other organic material. The double chambered filter has interior mushrooms for lifting and flushing the sand bed evenly. Lightweight composite construction allows for easy transportation and simple installation. All components can be removed and easily replaced using common tools.

Sand Separator

Based on the centrifuge principle, the particles are spun against the outside wall of the Hydrocyclone and gravitate towards the bottom into the underflow chamber (sedimentation tank) while clean liquid moves upward to the center of the spiral, towards the top outlet. The velocity at which the water flows through the Hydrocyclone determines the efficiency at which the particles are separated from the water.