Sprinkler Package Updates

From our point-of-view, your pivot and all that goes with it is simply a way to move your sprinkler heads to your crops. Your pivot is a means to an end, its your sprinkler head that makes you money.

Given that sprinkler pads, nozzles and regulators wear out, and depending on the quality of water have a 5 to 10 year life expectancy, it just makes sense to stay on top of your sprinkler package.

Here is a simple checklist for inspecting your sprinkler package:

  1. Check the pressure – every machine should have a pressure gauge installed – check the pressure.
    • Low pressure indicates either a leak or shortage of water supply.
    • High pressure indicates plugged nozzles on the machine or an increase in water supply.
  2. Check the flow – adding a flow meter to the system allows us to diagnose further.  Whether optional or required, a flow meter tells you how much water your system is using.
    • Low pressure/low flow = water supply issue.
    • Low pressure/high flow = leak in the system.
    • High pressure/low flow = nozzles plugged.
    • High pressure/high flow = a raise in the water table in the well.
  3. Conduct visual inspection – does the spray pattern from the pivot look uniform?
  4. Review yield maps – a bird’s eye view of your field can reveal patterns that represent problems with your sprinkler package.