To keep productivity high and stay competitive in the market, farmers need to focus on profitability, which includes energy optimization and better use of water resources. Pumping systems play a vital role in providing optimized solutions for energy and water use.

Here are the types of pumps we provide.


A Straight centrifugal is designed for continuous duty, low pressure OEM, industrial, commercial and general service applications including circulation, chemical processing, liquid transfer and cooling. These durable and compact pumps are available in a variety of construction and seal materials to meet your specification.
Chemigation Injection Pumps
Chemigation is the process of injecting chemicals into an irrigation system, and we offer the pumps you need to make this work.
Short Set Turbine
Vertical Turbine Pumps can be an attractive choice for many water applications because of their many advantages. The vertical construction takes up little floor space; priming problems can be avoided due to the impellers being submerged in the liquid; the first stage impeller can be lowered (by increasing the pit depth, if necessary) to provide the desired NPSH margin; the multistage construction offers higher efficiencies on high head, lower flow applications; and the modular construction allows the pumps to be customized for many applications.

Floating Pumps

A floating pump is simply a submersible pump or a turbine pump that is attached to the bottom of a float. The pump hangs below the float, and the float is anchored in a lake, pond, or river. A flexible pipe is used to take the water from the pump to the irrigation system. A floating pump is a good option to look into for installing a pump in a pond or lake. It is often much easier to install than a standard submersible, jet-pump, or turbine and is much more energy efficient than an end-suction centrifugal. Floating fountains and pond aerators are another utilization of floating pump technology.