Traction and Flotation

Traction and flotation is all about increasing traction and secure footing for a specific field surface or condition. After analyzing your field, we can recommend the floatation or traction option most effective in conquering the primary threat of the opposing field – ruts.

Ruts form as pivots travel down the identical track numerous times. Soil type, terrain, and irrigation practices are the most common factors affecting the severity of rut formation in any given field.

Extensive research and in-field trials led by the world-class team of Valley engineers were the inspiration behind the design of several drive unit floatation and traction options – each customized to maximize performance and minimize downtime.

Revolution™ Airless Tire

Getting a flat tire on your center pivot is costly and frustrating. Most flat tires aren’t noticed until the irrigation equipment stops, ruining the tire, rim and sometimes the gearbox. And a flat tire means repairs that can cost $1,000 to $1,500 and downtime during the peak irrigation season when water is critical to maximizing your yields.

In light of these issues, there has been increasing interest among growers like you in airless tires for irrigation machines. Now, Valley is starting a revolution in irrigation tires.

The Valley® Revolution™ airless tire features cutting-edge airless tire technology that will eliminate your problems with flats. Its well-proven aperture design is similar to tires used on forklifts. Unlike plastic tires that tend to slip on rocky ground and have poor self-cleaning or steel tires that have no give and can quickly corrode in some field conditions, this compliant rubber tire provides cushioning over ridges and other field obstacles to prevent gearbox overloading, and it won’t slip on rocks or other hard objects.

The non-directional tread provides excellent traction while reducing track depth by keeping mud in the wheel track, rather than pushing it out of the track like standard tractor tires. Tapered tread lugs feature specially shaped sides to maximize tread cleanout in muddy conditions.

This rugged, durable Revolution airless tire is a Valley-exclusive that will provide you with longer tire life, while eliminating flats in your fields.