Partnerships are critical to our ability to deliver on drip

September 1, 2015

By Frank Landry

 This month’s flyer deals with the importance of having the right partners and advisors in order to make your business successful.   Here at 21st Century Water, we’ve seen the impact that can have on our ability to deliver on the promise of drip irrigation.

When we choose to work with a partner company, we do what we can to make sure that their mission, expertise and commitment to the customer align with ours.  Most of the time that partnership works out.  But sometimes you don’t discover that it’s not a good match until you’ve already done a few projects together.   That’s happened to us in the past—and we’ve seen the impact that a few missteps can have on our customers and our reputation.

The key is to recognize the problem and get it resolved as soon as possible.  And that may involve finding a new partner.   That’s the choice we made—and it has worked out very well for us and our customers.

Our partnership with EcoDrip for drip irrigation systems has been a great thing all around.   EcoDrip is the industry leader in the design and engineering behind drip irrigation systems.  And our installation partner, Wetfields, knows the drill when it comes to putting drip systems in the ground.   In other words, we’re confident that we have the expert team in place to engineer, design, install and service the most advanced drip irrigation system available.

For example, we recently installed a drip system for Jerald Meisner of Gering. “Drip irrigation fit our situation well,” Jerald said.  We have a long narrow field that we used to irrigate with a combination of gravity and ditch irrigation.  It was very labor intensive.   We considered pivots, but the field was such that it was going to require several systems.

“The team at 21st Century Water laid out the entire drip system and made it easy for me to understand,” Jerald added.  “They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable—and the system is performing as promised.  We’re saving tillage trips across the field and the labor of handling a gravity irrigation system.  It’s been a good choice for us.”

Here’s the thing with drip irrigation systems:  Once they’re installed, you can’t see them working.  So there has to be a very high level of expertise in the engineering and installation—and a high level of confidence and trust on your part that you’ve chosen the right company to work with on your new system.

At 21st Century Water, we’ve selected what we believe to be the right partners to bring reliable, innovative drip irrigation systems to our valued customers.   Give us the opportunity to show you how we’ve become even better—and how drip irrigation can help you meet the challenges and opportunities on your farm.