Irrigation Simplification

January 1, 2016

By  Chad Schneider

When you’re looking to simplify your operation, your irrigation system may be a great place to start.

If you’ve been using furrow irrigation, you can make a major leap toward simplification by converting to a pivot or subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) system. No more moving pipe, checking rows, or closing gates. You’ll also be improving water efficiency while you’re reducing labor and saving time. See us for Valley pivots and Eco-Drip SDI systems. Both technologies have a track record of performance and bottom-line impact for our customers.

Adding remote control and management systems to your irrigation equipment is another way to simplify, especially if you have multiple machines running during the season. Instead of driving around each day to inspect your pivots, you can simply check your laptop or smartphone for any alerts generated by a pivot problem. You’ll know immediately that something is amiss—and you can spend your time focusing on the fix, rather than wasting time checking pivots that are working properly.

When it comes to lousy jobs on the farm, it’s hard to top slogging out into the middle of a wet, muddy field of nine-foot corn on a hot, humid day to repair a flat tire and rim on a pivot. The wide range of no-flat pivot tires available today virtually eliminates this problem.

Preventive maintenance in the off-season can also reduce visits to the middle of the field during irrigation season. There are many tasks you can do yourself including draining the entire system, topping off the oil in the gear boxes, and sealing up electrical components to prevent rodent damage over the winter.

Finally, good news for our customers in the Torrington, Wyoming, area. We’re making life simpler for you by expanding our irrigation offerings at that location to include parts, service and sales of both Valley pivots and Eco-Drip SDI systems. We’ve been handling that out of the Scottsbluff dealership, but now you’ll have everything you need right in your backyard.

It’s not too early to begin thinking about your irrigation system requirements for next season. When you’re ready to talk water, all it takes is a simple phone call to 21st Century Water.